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IT Jobs Fit Into Current Job Market Trends
Sunday, 18 March 2012 14:01

Despite the fear that many American companies are seeking tech-savvy employees overseas, there seems to be an abundance of IT jobs right here in America.  In fact, rapid technology growth is one of the five biggest trends impacting today’s job market.  The question is; do you have the skills to break into these industries?

If your idea of IT jobs is still centered upon companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, then you may be surprised to learn that the “new technology sector” exists in nontraditional industries.  In today’s competitive business environment, companies are quickly learning that if they don’t supply their teams with the latest equipment and resources, they will soon be out of business.  After a few years of belt-tightening, it seems that the most innovative and resourceful companies are winning new customers and the best employees are moving right along with them.

In addition to rapid technology growth, “distributed work” is another trend that is impacting IT jobs.  It used to be that employees would leave their homes every morning and report to an office, but today’s workers are using complex networks, cloud computing and sophisticated infrastructures to telecommute.  As the number of telecommuters grows beyond the white collar world, a new breed of database administrators and system designers is needed to manage the changing landscape.  Distributed work is allowing small companies to “act big” as they connect with information networks around the globe.

As many business publications have proclaimed, the top job for the next decade and beyond is a computer programmer.  This is probably one of the most stable IT jobs available today, but not all programmers have the skills they need to become specialists. As more of their business assets move online, companies are getting much more selective with whom they hire for top IT jobs, which has helped many of these jobs remain in this country.  In-house computer programming teams can also be monitored much more carefully than overseas workers.

Also among the top ten IT jobs is a networking specialist, a more specialized IT professional who focuses on solving software problems within an organization.  Skilled network specialists can efficiently manage a company’s information flow through the manipulation of hidden cables and routers.

If these IT jobs describe your skill set, it may be time to start working with a technical recruiter.  Highly specialized headhunters are much more likely to understand where you might fit into an organization and they will do a better job “selling” you to potential employers.


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