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What Can a Dallas Technical Staffing Agency Do For You?
Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:53

One of the biggest concerns among IT professionals is an increasingly competitive job market.  As more freshly minted computer science graduates hit the streets later this spring, it will become even more complicated to land a job; that is unless you work with a Dallas technical staffing company.  Even if the staffing agency doesn’t have a job that perfectly matches your resume; chances are you will find a temp-to-perm position that could get you “in the door” at a major Dallas employer.

Find a temp-to-perm position through a Dallas technical staffing firm

Contract-to-hire is quickly becoming one of the best ways to build a strong resume in the IT profession.  Depending on the position, these jobs may pay even better than a full-time position, but they don’t offer many of the perks one would expect from a permanent job.  Most will not pay for health insurance or offer paid time off, but they are still much better than remaining out of the workforce entirely.  In many cases, contract positions offered by Dallas technical staffing agencies result in an offer of permanent employment.

One downside of taking temporary assignments is income instability, which can make it difficult to buy a home or a new car.  Without the assurance that a position will last, IT professionals engaged in contract agreements are always looking for work.  The good news is that the same Dallas technical staffing company that got you the temporary job can continue to help you find permanent positions.  Since most of the candidates who take contract jobs are recent college graduates, they are usually flexible enough to consider a variety of technical jobs.

What are the benefits of working with a Dallas technical staffing company?

If you allow a staffing agency to help you land a contract position, they can continue working on your behalf to find you a permanent job.  Some young recruits appreciate the frequent changes in work environments that come from working with an IT recruiter.  Compared to a permanent position, contract jobs offer workers a “taste” of what it’s like to work for that company without the customary 2+ year commitment.  Some perpetual contract workers relate the experience to “dating,” and they like the frequent change of pace and varied experiences that it brings.

Not many people are competing for contract jobs, which can work to your advantage in a job interview.  A Dallas technical staffing agency can help you find this type of work in the IT profession.


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