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Technical Careers – Getting a Job in Information Technology
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 13:07

It used to be that technical careers were reserved for those with engineering degrees or people with degrees from MIT, but not anymore.  The products and services provided by information technology are now a part of our everyday lives; whether a network that automates financial transactions or the operating system on your mobile phone.  As individuals and businesses rely more heavily on technology, technical careers are expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

Whether working on operating systems, designing a software program or managing the help desk at a large company; IT professionals are everywhere these days.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in software engineering are expected to grow by 32 percent by 2018.  But how do you get on the fast track to the best technical careers?

Every growing organization uses a computer-related component – whether software, hardware or networks – to get the job done.  Even on the marketing side, a technically trained specialist will need to administer the website.  Outside companies are often hired to coordinate the company’s information security or write customized computer programs.  Landing one of these jobs will require a strong background in technical fundamentals, but most technical careers also require a specialty.  For example, a computer programmer will need to know Java, C++, Microsoft.NET and other languages to be a success in this field.

Not every technical professional holds a degree in computer science.  Many successful IT pros have unrelated degrees but went back for additional training after college.  With advancements in technology moving so quickly, today’s technical careers require consistent retraining anyway, so it should be easy to find a computer training school in your area.  If you plan on working on an IT support team, it is also important that you communicate well with others and enjoy working on a team.  Employers who hire workers in this capacity will be looking at more than just your grades; they will want to hear about your experiences in working with people.

Depending on where you live, technical careers can be very lucrative.  Even in smaller markets the salaries in information technology are strong.  According to PayScale.com, web developers start out earning about $38,800 a year and an IT program manager can earn more than $94,000.  In some companies, the IT people are the best paid workers on the payroll outside of upper management.

Many IT professions and technical careers are projected to grow over the next ten years, and now is the time to start building your resume.  Find out what a technical recruiter from GTN Technical Staffing can do for you.


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