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Search Trends Indicate Changes for Dallas Technology Jobs
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 12:39
Sick of hearing about the “tepid recovery” in the job market and the housing market while watching gas prices rise and Wall Street bankers get richer?  At this speed, a true recovery will take several years to take hold.  Perhaps you’ve also heard that Dallas technology jobs are just as hot as ever but you haven’t yet experienced your own personal “job recovery?”

According to the latest search trends from the online job board, Indeed.com, you are not alone.  As of March 2012, job postings in the Information Technology category were down 5 percent since March 2011, but during the same period the number of clicks on IT job postings went up 9 percent.  This indicates that more people are searching for fewer technology postings.

How do national search trends impact Dallas technology jobs?  Looking at the search patterns of the entire nation over a period of time it is easy to see which jobs are in the greatest demand and which are becoming a rarity.  For example, recent search trends indicate that “Graphic Designer” is the number one job search within the Information Technology field.  This is closely followed by other generic terms like “Business Analyst” and “Program Manager.”  The more technical the job, the lower the search volume becomes, with “Network Engineer” getting only 40,461 clicks.

New York still tops the list of location-related searches with 434,781 searches in the month of March. But Dallas comes in a respectable 10th on the list with 124,853.  Texans should be pleased to note that three of their cities made the top ten – Dallas, Houston and Austin – all of which have become technology “hubs” over the past few decades.

If the job market seems to be tightening in Dallas, isn’t hard to see why.  One only has to go back to last year to see the rapid increases in IT job postings that were added every month.  In March 2011, the number of IT job postings had gone up 54 percent over the past 12 months and now it is only 5 percent higher than last year at this time.  IT pros who are seeking employment often find that working with a technical recruiting firm is far more effective than an independent job search.  The high-tech recruiters at GTN Technical Staffing can help you access the best Dallas technology jobs and keep you a few steps ahead of the job boards.


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