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Ask the IT Staffing Experts – Which Jobs are Hottest in 2012?
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 15:01
It seems like the technology job market in the United States is in a constant state of flux; one year there are too many job seekers and not enough open positions, and the next year IT staffing companies cannot find enough qualified candidates.  One reason for this is the rapid advancement in technology.  Nearly every industry is now reliant on some form of information technology, whether it is a database, a shopping cart, a newsfeed or an Intranet.  Manufacturers are using robotics controlled by sophisticated software and doctors are using electronic medical records. Terms like “cloud computing” are so hot, they have earned their way into the American vernacular.  Candidates with the right skill sets are in high demand once again, and as a result organizations are finding it harder to retain the best talent.

As high-tech companies become more immersed in research and development of new technology, they are relying more heavily on IT staffing firms to find employees with the “right stuff.”  The pursuit of top talent often means that top companies are not above stealing IT professionals from one another. If you are lucky enough to have the skills they’re looking for, you may be offered a very sweet deal to come on board.  However, in the interest of saving money some multi-national companies are off-shoring their mid-level jobs to other countries.

A slow recovery has made it difficult for software developers to hire the number of people they need to remain competitive, so they may be hiring American workers for the top jobs and foreign workers for routine IT tasks.  How do you become a candidate for one of these “top jobs?”  One way of doing it is by consulting with an IT staffing firm or recruiter.  Technical recruiters are usually very well versed on what is happening in the local job market and they can help open doors to the best companies in your area.

According to IT staffing firms, one of the top positions hiring managers are looking for today is a Java developer, however the number of qualified candidates for other positions is at an all-time high.  Sometimes even the most qualified IT professionals get overlooked within the backlog of resumes for each position. That’s why it’s so important to reach out to an IT staffing firm as soon as you begin your job search.  They can help you get in the door for the top positions and keep your resume on the top of the stack.


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