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What Are the Hottest Technical Jobs for College Graduates?
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:10
For those that have been in the job market for several months, hearing that thousands of newly minted college graduates are also looking is not good news.  But if you’re one of those college graduates looking for technical jobs this year, there are plenty of opportunities in the IT sector.

Mobile applications developers and data mining experts are at the top of the list of jobs with real potential this year, according to a Robert Half International study.  Also included on this list are the perennial favorites “engineer” and “computer scientist.”  Simply put, if there was an app for finding the most promising IT careers in 2012, it would certainly include these careers, many of which command a high starting salary.

Now that most major companies are past the initial development phase of their web sites, user experience (UX) designers are another growing presence on the hiring scene.  As competition on the web heats up for ecommerce, companies are investing more in their digital presence and discovering new ways to keep visitors engaged in their content.

According to the study, the days of generalized computer science grads are making way for a larger degree of specialization. If you have a finely tuned ability to move companies forward through the maze of digital platforms and technologies, your prospects for a professional career are very bright.

Here is a selection of the technical jobs that Robert Half says will have the greatest potential through the remainder of 2012.

  • · Data warehouse analysts – Base salary between $88,000 and $119,000
  • · User experience designer – base salaries between $71,750 and $104,000
  • · Mobile applications developers – base salary between $85,000 and $122,500
  • · Data security analysts – base salaries between $89,000 and $121,500
  • · Network engineers – base salary between $75,750 and $107,750
  • · Search engine specialists (SEO) – base salaries between $63,750 and $87,500

This list and the associated salary ranges could make almost anyone want to enter the market for technical jobs, but you will still need the right set of skills and experience. Depending on the area of the country where you live, you may have companies hiring for these positions near you.  Unfortunately, many of these positions are never advertised; they go directly through headhunters and recruiters who maintain numerous contacts within the IT community. The only way to get in the door with many of these employers is to have a connection with the hiring manager through your recruiter.

Find out more about the benefits of technical jobs like these by working with a technical recruiter. Contact GTN Technical Staffing and schedule a free consultation.


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