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Are Young Programmers Getting Rich in IT Jobs While Still in High School?
Monday, 18 August 2014 20:39

dallas IT job 3We’ve all heard about those “whiz kids” who somehow managed to earn six-figure salaries before they turned 20; or that teenager whose mobile app made him a millionaire before his 18th birthday. But if you’re like me you are probably wondering: what is it that makes these young people so marketable to the big IT companies, and what do they have that you don’t have? Over the past few months, several media outlets have set out to answer this question. A few articles have explored what the top Silicon Valley firms are looking for in new tech talent.

How to Ace Your IT Interview – An Expert Weighs In
Monday, 14 July 2014 22:09

college grad job skillsLet’s face it; all interviews are not created equal, and there are very few resources out there to help people ace a technical interview. That’s because tech interviews are very different than any other profession.  

A recent article on Berkeley’s web site offers insightful advice from an expert on preparing for interviews with technical recruiters. For example, on a typical interview for coding, applicants will be expected to reverse a string, design a program or troubleshoot code that is laden with glitches. While it is entirely possible to find a forum that will guide you through the process, it is much easier to be successful when one can know exactly what to expect.

Hiring Trends: Blended Workforce, Big Data and Video Branding
Monday, 09 June 2014 21:01

hiring-nowEvery year it seems like the recruitment industry must adjust to more changes and evolving trends, and this year is no exception.  According to an article on Recruiter.com, “Innovative Staffing Practices: 2014 Trends,” there are several trends impacting the way people search for and find employment.  Hiring has trended upward, but it’s not the same kind of hiring as in previous years.  Data-mining and advanced search tools continue to point recruiters directly to the most qualified candidates, and corporate collateral materials are becoming “experiential” marketing tools that go far beyond an 8 ½ X 11” Executive Summary.  Meanwhile, in terms of hiring, college graduates with STEM degrees continue to outpace all other degrees by more than double. 

How to Make the Internet Work Harder for Your Job Search
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 02:37

online job searchSometimes we just have a hunch that our job or position is about to be eliminated. Other times it is the company's instability or an overbearing boss. Whatever the reason, it's never a pleasant feeling to think you could be out of work any day. If you find yourself unsure about our primary source of income, it's usually time to move on. This shouldn't be a problem if you have a strong work history, but it can take a while to find a job. Looking for work is even more difficult when you're still in your current job, but that is always the best time to start searching.

Are You Headhunter Material or Not?
Thursday, 15 May 2014 16:16

There is a common perception that recruiters represent the candidate, not the client.  The reverse is actually true.  Clients pay us to find people they don't have the time or resources to find on their own.  They pay us to save them time and make their lives easier.  If a recruiter says he will not be able to help you, it doesn't mean that you are a bad person or unskilled; it probably just means that you do not fit into our current client base.  Read this LinkedIn article below for more information.

Computer Engineering and Technical Trends for 2014 and Beyond
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 03:31

technoogy industryLooking back over the past two years, it's clear to see that new technology was responsible for improvements in industrial production. In fact, the recovery from the recent economic downturn has greatly depended upon non-traditional resources, such as the cloud, mobile applications and a vast array of sustainable energy sources. Not only have these developments added new jobs for computer and technical professionals, they have been a clear indication of how rapidly technology is advancing.

Does Your Tech Resume Contain These In-Demand Skills?
Sunday, 30 March 2014 14:12

technical skillsIt must be interesting for hiring managers to see the various ways that job candidates present themselves. Some of the most skilled technical workers put very little effort into their resume, believing that their background speaks for itself. This may not be such a good idea in today's competitive job market. No matter how qualified you are for the job, your resume is what sells you to a potential employer.

Which Skills Are Most Important for College Grads
Thursday, 20 February 2014 13:02

college grad job skillsOne would think that by the time a student graduates from college they have developed all the relevant skills for today's workplace. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In fact, according to a recent article on Fox Business, "The Skills Employers Wish College Grads Had," time spent on campus might not be serving students well in the job market.

Are Credentials Essential to Finding a Job you Love?
Friday, 24 January 2014 12:24

job search credentialsPerhaps it is America's obsession with higher education, but it seems that the words on a resume have taken on a disproportional importance for the average job seeker. Fortunately for most of us, actions speak louder than the words on their C.V. People want to know what you've actually done, and they have some interesting ways of finding out.

Dallas Job Seekers - Tips for Landing Your First Job in IT
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:41

dallas it jobs 3As many of you know, the IT industry has been expanding for several consecutive years, and it doesn't look like 2014 will be any different. It seems no matter how many people graduate with computer science degrees there are always plenty of jobs to be filled, but there are still some areas that are more competitive than others. Comparatively speaking, however, Dallas has a much higher percentage of technology companies than other areas of the country, which is good news for local job seekers. But remember, many recent grads are willing to relocate for a better opportunity, so there could still be some competition.

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